Our Services

Our aim is to provide cost effective solutions for your Internet presence and to work with you to build this presence over time.

We can provide everything from very simple “About Us” type web sites, through to complete content management and e-commerce solutions.

Our fees break down in to five distinct areas:


  • Our one-off setup fee per web site includes:
  • Your choice or a .com or .co.uk domain name (subject to availability)
  • Creation of the space needed to host your web site
  • Unlimited e-mail address at your chosen domain


  • Our hosting fees are renewable annually and include:
  • Rental of the space needed for your web site
  • Continual provision of your e-mail accounts


You may choose to develop and maintain your own web site. If so all details required to allow you to upload your content are provided on request.

You may also use any other web development company to develop your web site. Again, the details needed for them to upload your content are provided on request.

However, you may choose to use ourselves to develop your web site. We can discuss your requirements with you and determine the best way forward. Where possible we will offer you a fixed cost for your sites initial development. We may employ skills of other professionals to help complete the project. These costs will be clearly explained prior to any work commencing.


Should you choose not to maintain your own web site, we can offer an inclusive service whereby we can make the content changes on your behalf. As with the development process, we will discuss with you your needs, typical rate of content change (dialy, weekly, monthly, etc) and agree with you a fixed maintenance.


To help us help you, we use a number of software packages which are known as “Open Source”. This is software which is freely available to be used and which we cannot charge you for. This software can help you maintain your own web site or online shop easily and we can provide training and tutorials to help you get started.

Please use our contact form to provide us with the basic information we need so that we can provide you with an initial quote.